About Consulate


The history of the Russian foreign mission in San Francisco dates back to the 19th century. The Imperial Consulate General of Russia housed at the historic James C. Flood Building at 870 Market Street, was closed in 1923. The first Soviet Consulate was opened in 1933 after diplomatic relations between the USSR and the USA were established ,and it operated in the city until the end of the World War II.

On June 1, 1964, the USSR and the United States signed the Consular Convention which regulated the opening of consular offices in both countries and became the founding base for the bilateral agreement for the establishment of the respective offices in San Francisco and Leningrad (St. Petersburg). The Consulate General of the Soviet Union - and, since 1992 - the Consulate General of the Russian Federation - became operational de facto in 1971 upon arrival of the Soviet Consul General. The Consulate was officially inaugurated at its present location at 2790 Green Street two years later.

The main goals and functions of the Consulate General are the following:- to protect the rights and the interests of Russia, its citizens and legal entities, to render them help and assistance;

- to promote trade‚ economic‚ cultural and scientific relations between Russia and the United States;

- to deliver in the consular district the official information about the internal and foreign policy of Russia, its socio-economic, cultural and spiritual life;

- to provide visa and passport services in accordance with the Russian Law;

- to conduct within its power notary actions‚ state registration of acts of civil status‚ institution of custody or tutelage‚ validation of documents;

- to participate in preparations for the intergovernmental exchanges and visits of the official delegations.

JurisdictionArizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Utah.