Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco
2790 Green Street, San Francisco, CA 94123

Telephone:  1 (415) 928-6878

Fax: 1 (415) 929-0306


General inquiries

Passport department

(Russian passports and Repatriation Certificates questions only)

Notary and Legal department

(Legal issues, notary public, power of attorney for use in Russia, signature verification, marriage/divorce for Russian citizens, certificates of no criminal record, pension questions etc.)

Citizenship department

(Russian citizenship questions, verification of Russian citizenship,  Russian children adoption questions etc.)

Visa department

(Russian visas for foreign nationals only)

Press department


All written appeals should include your full details, your contact telephone number and address of your residence in the United States.


Requests with uncompleted information will remain unanswered by the Consulate General.

If you have a question, which is not covered by our website please write an e-mail to the appropriate department of the Consulate General (sending emails to all departments at once are not welcomed). All electronic requests are answered in due time.

Emergency Phone for Russian nationals only


In case of emergency Russian nationals can call the Consulate’s specially allocated phone line +1-415-218-6459, in addition to other means of communication. This line is open 24/7 and is for emergencies only.

Emergency situations include the threats to lives, health and safety of Russian citizens in the United States.


To communicate with the Consulate General on other issues (passport issues, notary issues, visa issues, etc.), please call + 1-415-928-6878 during the business hours (from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14 : 00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday) or e-mail to the relevant department of the Consulate General. All electronic appeals are answered within 30 days according to the Russian law.