Migration card

Migration_card: to the Attention of Foreign Nationals Coming to the Russian Federation

In  accordance  with  Regulation  No.  413  of August 16, 2004, of the
Government  of the Russian Federation “On migration card” migration cards are distributed gratis by immigration officials at all ports of entry to the Russian Federation.
A filled-in migration card should be presented at the check-point to an immigration official, who is to put the due stamp on it.
A  foreign national carries the migration card during the whole period
of his stay in the territory of the Russian Federation and submits it along with the other documents for migration registration at the place of sojourn.
In the case of loss or damage of the migration card the foreign citizen is obliged
to notify an appropriate territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of
the Russian Federation within three days. With his/her travel documents presented, a person is provided gratis with a duplicate card.
Leaving the Russian Federation, a foreign national should hand in the card to
a migration official at the port of exit.
Absence of a migration card during the stay in the Russian Federation or at
the moment of crossing the state border of the Russian Federation may entail administrative responsibility of a foreign citizen.
To avoid unpleasant consequences you are kindly advised to take care of your migration card during a journey to Russia.