We strongly recommend to bring soft and hard copies of the documents, which are to be prepared in advance. If you have any doubts preparing documents  please sent it to us by email: 


One appointment means two notarial actions or documents at a time.


If you do not speak Russian but intend to use the document on the territory of Russia please mind that the text should be both in English and Russian.


In accordance with Article 38 of "The Fundamentals of the Notaryship of the Russian Federation" of 11 February 1993 № 4462-I all consuls of the Russian Federation abroad are authorized to perform the following notarial actions:

- Attestation of agreements, deals and contracts excluding those concerning disposal of estate on the territory of the Russian Federation;

- Probate issues (attestation of will);

- Authentication of copies (True copy);

- Authentication of signature;

- Verification of translation;

- Confirmation of the fact that the person is alive;

- Confirmation of the fact that the person is at the certain place at the certain time;

- Confirmation of the fact that the person is similar to the one on the photograph;

- Confirmation of the time of application submission;

- Notarization of marine protests;

- Certification of identifying information in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.