Transportation of Ashes and Cremated Remains


 “In accordance with Article 355 of the Customs Code of Customs Union, the Customs authorities demand the following documents:


- Declaration in any form from the person accompanying a coffin or an urn;

- Death certificate issued by an authorized agency of the country of origin (Office of Vital Records). The certificate shall be certified by the stamp "Apostille";

- Cadaver Certificate. The certificate, if issued, confirms that no epidemic of infectious disease occurred in the borough for three months preceding the death.

- Certificate of Contents (declaration of coffin contents done by the undertakers) or Official document from funeral home, performing ritual services on sealing of zinc coffins and send it to Russia, indicating that there are no unwanted attachments.

If along with the body of the deceased follows his belongings or valuables - an inventory of items signed and sealed by officials.

All documents not in Russian must be accompanied by a certified translation”.


The Consulate advises the family or friends to double check this information with local custom authorities at the airport of entrance.